Monday, July 21, 2014

Green and gold Baylor wreath

A few months ago, I decided the big ol' "offering plate" above our mantel looked too naked, so I had N hang our monogram front door wreath (which I had been using as our year-round wreath when there wasn't a holiday-specific one on there) on top of it. I really like the way that looks, so I decided to leave it up there.

Which left our front door wreathless. Quelle horreur! ;-)

So this week, with C taking more regular naps and H having a newly instituted "quiet activity time" in her room every weekday afternoon, I sometimes have as much as 30 free minutes a day. :-) (Sometimes.)

With all this free time, I decided to do something about the naked door, so I made one of the yarn wreaths I have seen all over Pinterest for the last few years. So easy and so fast! And I made it in green and gold, which I like because it kind of works for most seasons and also, of course, because it is Baylor's team colors. And around here, we're getting juuuuuust a little excited about the start of football season and the opening of our brand-new stadium!

(Can I just say how often I find myself reflecting on how nice it is that my university has pretty colors?)

The making of the wreath is fairly self-explanatory, so I'll just leave you with pictures. The felt flowers were made using this tutorial. The whole thing took maybe an hour.

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